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Polished Concrete Finishes

There are a multitude of different polished concrete finishes and other concrete finishes available on the market today for concrete in Perth to suit all the possible options you could wish for.

Coloured Concrete

Firstly the ability to make the initial base mixture e.g. the concrete a different colour to the standard grey that is the normal base colour has opened up the possibilities for the end colour options available to you. One way to make different areas of the garden stand out is to have just a slightly different concrete mix colour say from the alfresco to the side path or the garden bed boarder. The overall appearance looks complimentary and it suggests you have a theme of colour and material without it all looking the same.

Concrete Finishes

Some of the top end builders and landscapers are experimenting with the finishes that they request for their clients and this is to make the finish more personal to them and specifically for their home. A well known Australian celebrity has a house here in Perth that has used quartz (as they part own the mine) in the house concrete floor and this was polished to show off the amazing colours of the quartz in the flooring. The massive entertaining area had exposed quartz concrete for the flooring, which in turn follows on to the sparkle of the swimming pool. The whole indoor outdoor flow and theme was highlighted by this impressive use of the quartz. (The professional photographs will be taken once the garden landscaping is completed)

Aggregate Concrete

So apart from coloured concrete finishes being the difference to your finish choices, you can also as you read above alter the composition of the aggregate you use in the mixture. This use of an aggregate can be almost anything that is hard and dense (just not anything soft and porous) such as grey stones, brown stones, black stones, or white stones or a combination of any of them. The size of the stones makes the finished look quite different between large white stones for example and small white stones.

Concrete Flooring

The flooring of your choice with or without an added aggregate can then be polished or honed (takes off the very first few millimetres of the flooring and polishes the top visible surface) to give it a shiny ‘lighter’ appearance. This approach can change a very ordinary looking floor into a more vibrant upmarket look without any actual change to the original floor except polishing the surface. A finish like that is only done once and does not need to be done again. Some customers who can’t decide what they would prefer until it is done, in cases like that we have done the exposed concrete for them, and the few that have said after a few weeks they would like to do the polished finish we have then done that for them. This way they have already tried the exposed finish and then gone on to the polished as you can’t do it the other way around and this ensures they get the safe way of deciding correctly what they would ideally want.

Decorative Concrete

A request we are hearing of more and more is to have small and large pebbles combined to make the concrete flooring finish. This is used for the subtle transition from a square boxed area with straight lines leading on to say a garden bed where curves are used in the flower beds and the round pebbles inset in the concreted flooring allows a seamless transition between the straight lines and the curves.

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Polished Concrete Finishes Perth


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