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Perth Concrete Driveways

A driveway is generally one of the first things you see when you are in front of your home, and driving onto the property or into the garage. Along with the front of the house these form the mental images of the house and the look you want to see when ever you arrive home, that is why the clean modern look of concrete driveways is so popular. Ask Paini Concrete about Perth concrete driveways today!

Again tones and colour schemes can begin right from the front driveway, and compliment the house by picking up the render colours or contrast it as you wish,  there is no absolute when it comes to this it is a personal preference.

Your driveway will also be one of the first things people see when visiting your home, and naturally the surface will be quite different from pavers with possible weeds and grass growing between them, with the traditional boarder paver along the edges versus the upmarket look and finish of a concrete driveway.

The wear and tear of the driveway which will get to have heavy cars driving on it, will need to be 100 or more mm thick to ensure it is the correct thickness for the weight it must have on it. Reinforcing steel is also inset into the concrete before the pouring process to give it added strength and ensure it is rigid enough to accommodate vehicles driving on it. The driveway is built in a similar way to your house’s concrete pad being a strong and durable foundation.

There are many options for the driveway be it a liquid limestone, coloured liquid concrete or exposed aggregate it will be built to last. The surface will have your car tyres being rubber on it so it will be sealed once it is safe to walk on it. The sealing process is the final part to keep the driveway nice and clean and fresh looking, for years to come.

Perth Concrete Driveways


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