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Honed Concrete Perth

Choose Paini Concrete for your next Honed Concrete Perth Project. Another one of our popular solutions to your outdoor needs. Please have a read of this honed-concrete-pertharticle and then contact us to organise a quote.

For centuries people have been using concrete as a construction material. As formula and pouring technologies have changed, the range of concrete has broadened considerably.

Today there are numerous types of concrete to use: honed concrete, colour concrete, stencil concrete, limecrete, liquid limestone, pebble concrete, stamped concrete, honed aggregate, polished aggregate just to name a few.

What is Honed Concrete?

Honed Concrete is an ideal solution for decorative outdoor flooring. It is cost-efficient when taking into consideration the Honed Concrete price in Perth. Alfresco’s, driveways, pathways, and pool areas, we have transformed many Perth properties with the hard wearing, stain and mould resistant surface.

Similar to Polished Concrete, Honed Concrete follows the same recipe, but instead of washing away the rough surface and applying the polish, it is ground down with a concrete machine to reveal the aggregates and stone.

Benefits of Honed Concrete:

Our customers choose honed concrete from Perth because of many different reasons for the backyard, however our favourite reason is that it stops any weeds from growing!

The main reasons to choose honed concrete:

A properly cured and maintained honed concrete floor is highly durable to foot traffic and applied pressure. It does not lift, peel, flake or dust. Moreover, thanks to the resistance to moisture transmission issues and hazard weather it will last for over hundred years or even more.

Low Maintenance:  
Honed concrete is very easy to maintain. Make sure to sweep it once or twice a week to prevent the accumulation of dirt. However, the maintenance requirements may differ depending on the finish.

Honed concrete price may vary depending on how difficult the installation is going to be. However, if you take into consideration the cost of maintaining and replacing that other types of flooring demand, concrete is one of the cheapest yet elegant flooring choice.

There are endless varieties of colours and textures that can be created with by using a certain type of finish. You will be able to achieve any effect you want from marble to wood.

This kind of concrete is perfect for any indoor or outdoor flooring as it is environmentally sustainable, offers numerous customization options, and has a slip resistance surface, regardless of the weather outside.

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Honed Concrete Perth