Honed and Polished aggregate concrete

What is Honed and Polished Aggregate Concrete?

The honing process gives concrete a smooth matte finish, which is achieved by grinding the concrete to a point where it exposes the aggregates. Once that has been achieved, the floors are polished down to achieve a perfect finish. Allowing you to enjoy unique, smooth, and textured floors for your space. Honed and Polished Aggregate floors are highly popular these days, as they help create the perfect look and are easy to maintain. Making them the best possible choice for your residential or commercial space. One of the main reasons why honed and polished concrete is loved so much is because it simply looks amazing. Moreover, our specialist is more than capable of creating any colour finish and style you are interested in, allowing you to enjoy unique and gorgeous floors that match your theme. This is achieved by mixing the exact specifications, a technique our specialist has mastered over the years.

Benefits of Honed and Polished Aggregate Concrete:

  • We are offering you honed and polished concrete floors in a range of designs you can choose from. Allowing you to get the perfect look you have always wanted. In addition, you will be able to stay true to the theme of the space and add a feature that brings the place to life.
  • Honed and polished aggregate is completely seamless, and you will not see a pebble, or texture out of line. The concrete is laid down by our experts and offers a flawless finish.
  • The honed and polished aggregate can be laid down anywhere you like. In addition, we offer these services all around Perth, so you can easily get a custom look for your home or office space.
  • An easy way to achieve unique and gorgeous floors, that comes with an easy to clean and maintain solution. So you will not have to worry about the product getting damaged, or daily wear and tear. As we use high-quality materials, that ensure quality floors and longevity.
  • The concrete is made, laid, and polished by us. Allowing you to get a complete service, so you can come back to a perfect space. As we believe in getting the job done the first time.
  • An easy way to achieve a smooth matte finish, which our professionals achieve by using state of the art tools and materials, which exposes the aggregates, and brings out the piece of art. We are honed and polished aggregate specialists, that offer you endless benefits along with the ones listed above. So, you can enjoy stunning floors that improve natural lighting, leaves no tire marks, are allergy free, increase both indoor and outdoor appeal, and are easy to clean.
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