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Exposed Aggregate Perth is an extremely popular solution to increase the value of your property. Before you contact us to get a quote about our Exposed Aggregate continue reading our article first.

Concrete is a building material that has been around for ages. However, as time went by, technologies and mixing formulas have been thoroughly Tan concrete with fine bright stone maxi mix aggregate Exposed Aggregate Perth WAdeveloped. That is why today there are numerous possibilities for using concrete for interior and exterior design purposes like exposed aggregate.

Aggregate is available in a wide range of types, sizes and even colours, which allows to achieve the desirable effect and enhance the visual appeal of any building.



What is Exposed Aggregate Concrete?

Exposed aggregate concrete is a concrete mix that sometimes has a colour pigment added to the concrete mixture, to change the colour to follow a colour theme, say from your front wall, render colour or fence. The concrete then has an aggregate added to it, which can be course sand, river stones, pebbles, shells from the beach. Almost anything hard and solid can become the exposed surface you walk on.

When the mixture has set and cured it is now ready to have the very top layer of concrete is taken off, and this exposes the pebble effect that you would see on the finished project.

Perth’s aggregate concrete is a perfect decision for pavements, driveways, pathways, footpaths, cycle tracks, shopping areas, commercial applications, etc.

Benefits of Exposed Aggregate Concrete from Perth:

We recommend using exposed concrete for a lot of reasons apart from a wide choice of colours and decorative aggregates. Here is a list of the main ones:

A properly laid and cured exposed aggregate concrete is very long-lasting and can easily resist heavy traffic and extreme weather. Moreover, it is very easy to maintain. Simply keep it clean and sealed!

Slip and Skid Resistant:  
We make sure that installed concrete is slip and skid resistant, so you and your family will be safe regardless of the weather outside.

The cost of

Exposed Aggregate Perth will vary depending on the size of the project. However, if you consider the duration and its low maintenance in comparison to other types of flooring, exposed aggregate concrete is a low cost choice.


We offer a range of exposed concrete such as;
tan concrete aggregate, Mixed-Stone Aggregate Concrete, Limestone Aggregate Concrete, Ironstone Concrete Aggregate, Grey Coloured Concrete Aggregate, Bitumen Coloured Concrete Aggregate, Exposed Aggregate Concrete Driveway.  Together with colours and aggregates available, we will create your dream flooring in a flash.

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