Concrete Cleaning

At Paini Concrete, we understand that many of our customers are fond of weekend DIY projects, especially those tasks that seem to be simple. While we heartily applaud the instinct to take matters into your own hands and tackle various home projects, we also caution you to be sure that you know what you are getting into before you are in over your head.

Cleaning the concrete surfaces such as pool decks, alfresco areas, car parks and walkways may appear to be a relatively easy weekend project. However, after years in the business, we received scores of calls from customers who thought they would enjoy cleaning their concrete and found the reality to be quite the opposite. The truth is, cleaning concrete is an actual chore. It involves much more than borrowing your brother-in-law’s pressure washer and spraying off your drive.

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Concrete Washing Precautions

As is true for nearly every project, concrete cleaning has several inherent potential problems and possible hazards. These include: 

Aggregate steps being cleanedYour Washer Has Too Little Power – There are few, if any, pressure washers available to the general public with enough power to adequately clean large concrete surfaces. Concrete is a naturally porous surface, and without a strong stream of water from a professional grade power washer, little cleaning occurs. The typical washer made for home use requires you to hold the nozzle about 5cm off of the ground to create enough power for a stream of water strong enough to clean concrete. Additionally, at this distance, you will clean a tiny area at a time; inadvertently adding time to your project.

Limestone DrivewayPotential to Damage Your Concrete – If you are using a pressure washer that does not have a vigorous stream of water and you keep the stream very low to the surface, you are at risk for damaging the surface you wish to improve. However, the same is true for a powerful washer. In the hands of an untrained person, a professional grade power washer will likely cut lines into a concrete surface. The chance of this happening is higher if you have stamped or coloured concrete. If you have an aggregate mixed into your concrete, you run the risk of doing considerable damage to the surface.

You Risk Physical Harm – Cleaning concrete is back-breaking work even if everything is going smoothly. Many pressure washers are fairly beast-like and challenging to control. Additionally, to get your surfaces as good as new, chemical cleaners are often necessary. These hold the potential for harming you or your family. They are best when an expert uses them. 

While we do not wish to discourage your initiative, we are witnesses to numerous mishaps over the years. Many people learn after the project is underway, that cleaning concrete surfaces is one of the most difficult and time-consuming tasks a homeowner can attempt.

Perth concreting drivewaysAll concrete needs cleaned from time to time. If you would like to save yourself time and aggravation, give our office a call and discuss your cleaning project with one of our experts prior to beginning. We can address your concerns and offer advice. If you would like to free yourself from a time-consuming and back-breaking project, you should call our office to set an appointment with our professional concrete cleaners. No job is too big or small for your friends at Paini Concrete.

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