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Polished Concrete Alfresco Areas

We have seen a marked change in the last 10 years with people changing the look of their outdoor areas. It’s now not uncommon to see a polished concrete alfresco area – and they look great!

Years ago there was standard big paving slabs that were used to have under a lean-to metal or timber verandah type roof for the outdoor area. Some of the more flash houses would have a concrete pad poured for this area.

Today people are spending larger amounts of money on the complete outdoor areas, including their gardens and with some of the builders and landscaping jobs we do the clients are spending upwards of $100K on a project. So when swimming pools and alfresco roofs are involved this amount can go up substantially. One of the most cost effective areas where decent money can be saved is the alfresco floor. A poured limestone alfresco floor is a very sensible way to have a solid safe surface, looking modern and upmarket while being very sensibly priced.

A concrete alfresco floor of the various types available means next to no maintenance, it has no issues with bugs, ants and creepy crawly things like a timber deck, no weed issues, resealing timber every six months etc. so weekends become available to relax and enjoy the outdoor alfresco area.

The most popular alfresco concrete floor surfaces tends to be an exposed aggregate concrete in the colour tones to compliment the house walls or indoor flooring, while some people prefer a more contrasting colour finish to make the alfresco into a feature.

Examples of following the colour tone would be to have a polished concrete floor inside and have the exposed aggregate outside in the entertaining alfresco area or a timber floor inside with a similar colour tone in the concrete aggregate used for the alfresco flooring.

The rising trend over the last few years is to have a polished concrete floor outside and have it level with the inside floor level so there seems to be a natural flow indoors and outdoors.

We have found the following to be in order of popularity the favourite requests of our customers:

These also happen to be the pricing difference between the alfresco flooring options in the same order as above, thus coloured concrete with an aggregate through it and then polished is the top of the range currently.

Concrete Alfresco Areas Perth


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